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AAV2 e:portfolio - Filming

When planning my filming, I broke it down into three main sections, shots of the venue, shots of the local area and shots of my interviewees. As the focus of my story was the venue I knew that these shots would be the most crucial. I was mindful that I wanted the spatial aspect of the venue to come across. I wanted the viewer to be able to feel the geography of the venue and so I decided to film shots of the venue from as many different perspectives as possible such as across the road, in all interior rooms and from a high point looking down on the venue’s outside space. I also shot a range of close up and wide angle shots to give the film a dynamic feel. This range of shots also acted as establishing shots for my main interview. I wanted the backdrop of my main interview to be the distinctive black and pink outside seating as it is visually striking and makes it clear that the interviewee is sat at the venue. The initial highshot of the outside seating establishes where this area is in relation to the main venue and thus provides context for the interview shot. I also spent time walking through the local area to find certain buildings and signs that fit the narrative of my piece. I always kept in mind the rough idea of a script that I had and thus looked for shots that would fit with the dialogue nicely. For example, I wanted to start the piece by discussing the historic docks and the current run-down reputation that the local area has. Therefore, I filmed shots of any broken windows, deserted buildings and out of use business signs that I could find to give this rundown impression. This would act as a good contrast to the vibrant pink colours of the subsequent venue shots.


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