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AAV 2 e:portfolio - story and post graduation

I felt that my story choice was very relevant as covid-19 has had a huge impact on music venues forcing many to close so I felt shedding light on a music venue’s success story would provide a good balance and show how important independent venues are to the community. Therefore, I focused on the community aspect heavily. The topic choice is also currently relevant. The story is also very applicable for my postgraduate career hopes. I aim to work as a music journalist and so I wanted to create a film with a music focus. I currently run my own music blog and felt that this piece would fit the output of my blog well, meaning I can share the film across all of my blog’s online channels as content. The music industry is becoming increasingly visual due to the success of tik Tik. Therefore, having video skills as a music journalist is more vital than ever. I plan to post the video on my website and youtube channel as well as cutting it up into smaller manageable videos that are more appropriate for social media. I will then post these on instagram reels as that is a very visual medium and it is a great way to connect with the venue and my interviewees and hopefully get them to reshare the content.


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