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SPINN live @ Arts club, Liverpool

For a city that is bursting to the rim with musical culture, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the youth to perpetuate the underground circuit and evolve the identity of the city landscape, and after creating our 'Best of Liverpool' Spotify playlist [Listen here], we have become even more aware of the growing trend amongst Liverpool musicians. Along with the re-birth of psychedelia, Liverpool has become the home of the lighter side of Indie, taking mellow, jangly riffs and creating songs about the less angst-driven side of teenage life. Along with bands such as Paris Youth Foundation and The Night Cafe, the four members that make up SPINN are right at the forefront of this movement, paving the way for Liverpool music.

Over the last year and a half the band have really found their feet. This gig not only marked their biggest hometown, headline show, but also the release of their debut EP [Listen here] . Originally making a name for themselves with their irresistible aesthetic and upbeat attitude, we felt that they weren't quite reaching the same standard with their music. However, there was an evident amount of potential, and after a few changes in their line-up they seem to have reached a point where they understand exactly what direction they want to head in, and it has shown in the EP. It is proof to any of the unconverted exactly why they have experienced so much success this year, smashing the million listens mark on Spotify on their single, 'Notice Me' and receiving numerous radio plays. Our personal favourite on the EP, 'After Dark' was the highlight of the night. Starting with their trademark infectious rhythms that can be found all across their EP and then building into a heavier, euphoric crescendo of the repetitive "Too Pieces..". The brand new track, November also demonstrates how much they have grown as a band. A slower, more emotive intro to the song is rapidly taken over by its uplifting climax, and it filled the room with united care free atmosphere, as everyone let themselves sink into the dream-pop world of SPINN and forget everything else in their lives, for just one night.

PHOTO : @hanjohnsphotography Via Instagram

It wasn't only the musical side of things that SPINN delivered on, but their showmanship, especially that of frontman Jonny Quinn, took the night to another level. Having previously seen them live, we had admitted that that was the one thing lacking, yet, perhaps aided by the on-stage champagne, Jonny was loosened up on the night and dancing away to his lyrics as if he was just another fan. It was if they had been working tirelessly for months trying to perfect the EP and get to where they are today, and that after all their hard work they had the chance to let themselves enjoy their own performance and feel proud of what they have achieved. Even Andy Power seemed to be enjoying himself, whether we will ever see him smile while he's playing is yet to be seen, but we will try our best to make it happen one day...#Thepowertosmile. Regardless, they managed to achieve what every band attempts to do live, take their carefully refined studio recordings and bring them to life, amplifying all emotions crammed into the track. It was infectious, and got every member of that audience dancing their hearts out, and the difficulty of getting people moshing to dream-pop cannot be understated. You cannot appreciate the intricacies that have gained the quartet a cult following until you have seen them live so be sure to catch them at their next headline show, at the O2 Academy in Liverpool on the 28th of September. Head over to their Facebook page to keep posted on further gigs and any upcoming news.

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