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Top 5 Albums of the year!

5. Otherkin - OK

We can't tell you how much we have all been craving an album like this! Punk Rock has just sunk it's teeth into the heart of pop culture and drawn out every ounce of inspiration it can find. From elements of stadium-filling Brit pop to a slight Surf Rock influence creeping in to the backdrop of the album. Talking of influences, OK carries, not only the sound of early 00's punk revival bands such as Green Day , but also the same ethos... bringing Punk back to the masses, and having a fucking good time while your doing so. That's exactly what Otherkin have been up to this year, re-educating the youth on the spirit of Punk Rock and giving them all something to dance about. The entire album pulsates with a certain feel-good swagger that is hard to come by. High-powered grunge riffs, mosh-worthy chorus' and a beautiful arrogance in the vocal delivery that encapsulates the will for an uprising that lies underneath all of their lyrics. Click Here to read our full review

Top Tunes: Yeah I Know - Come on, Hello - REACT

4. VANT - Dumb Blood

"Is it too early to start choosing our album of the year? It probably is, but we can guarantee that however good the quality of music released in the next 10 months is, DUMB BLOOD will be up their in contention for the award."... This is what we wrote when the album was first released. Well, those 10 months have now passed and VANT are still bang up there! With Punk slowly losing the uncompromising , message-orientated rebellion that started it all off, this album is just what the music scene ( and indeed, the whole world) needs to get kicked back into shape. Starting, mainly as a project for Mattie himself, he manages to tackle so many of the world issues that have not only effected millions of people but have severely worsened his own view on our society. To bring issues so serious as these, to the masses is easier said than done and can often compromise the musical side of things. However, the whole album tackles these difficult subject matters with full sensitivity without losing any quality in the songs themselves. The quartet achieve this through the ferocious energy of both the lyrical and instrumental sides that force the listener contemplate how they live their life. Click here to read our full review.


3. Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud

Kasabian have been at the forefront of British guitar music for over 10 years now. As is customary when a band has been going this long, some were anxious that their 6th may fall flat, but people should know by now that this just isn't how the four of them work. They've combined the electronic dance hooks of 48:13 with the stadium-filling Brit-pop of Empire into one brilliant album that just may be their best yet. It remains totally understated how hard it is to keep up this level of quality for this length of time. After celebrating their beloved Leicester's premier league victory , they seem to have carried their triumph forward into the new year and packed it into one hell of an album. If you want an album that will force you to belt out every single lyric and whip out the fateful headbanging then this is the one for you!

Top Tunes: ill Ray(The King) - You're In Love With A Psycho - Bless This Acid House


Combining the slacked lyrical stylings of Jamie T with the melodic pop melodies of Only Real, RATBOY has rose to indie fame with his debt album. Following on from the likes of Mike Skinner, he is carrying the indie rap torch into the next decade. After a string of bedroom-made tongue and cheek demo's, the whole project became the quintessence of modern day music. Where the band is not just a vehicle for music but a brand itself. The art , lifestyle, and attitude of RATBOY and his entourage is what has sold so well to this generation. Tales of growing up in the modern age are sure to strike a chord with music lovers, and RATBOY seems to have this report with his audience nailed down! This album is unmissable.


1. Wolf Alice - Visions Of A Life

Visions Of A Life is the most perfectly crafted insight into human emotion the music scene has witnessed in the modern day. It takes all aspects of life and translates them into the concept album of a lifetime. Their debut album had already displayed their technical prowess, however their second release has firmly cemented them as one of the UK's best artists. They may not have many songs which would class as catchy or merit a sing-a-long, but the amount of pure skill that is evident in this album is unparalleled. Stylized pop-rock , full-throttle punk, and most impressively of all, the psychedelic swell of the instrumental sections that give this album its warmth. Just like RATBOY , it explores the intricacies of the modern day mind, but instead of urban youth, it captures the extremes of emotion. From the awkward first exchanges of romance to intense anger, the album features every part of life that we go through and even if its not quite your style, you need to give it a try!

Top Tunes: Beautifully Unconventional - Yuk Foo - Space & Time

Listen to all these artists, and MORE on our 'Best of 2017' Spotify Playlist

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