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FACTORY - Step A Little Closer , Single Review

We don't normally write up single reviews, perhaps we feel that if you drag 300 words out of writing about one song it can become a bit tedious when reading , or maybe it's simply that you cannot fully learn about an artist from one single. However, the second single from Runcorn based FACTORY is too good not to write about. Just a quick listen to the track can show you not only their full-throttle blend of funk grooves and James Shelly's intense vocal delivery , but also how much potential these guys have.

After hearing their debut single Dynamite , we fell in love with their instrumental creativity and invited them down to play our first ever BOOT LIVE event ( which you can read about here ) . Although their first release was flawless their was always that slight fear that they might be on trick pony's and not deliver much else on the night. These doubts were instantly crushed! High-energy blues-rock with their unique funk twang. All piled in with a bag of on-stage presence, they were by far the most exciting act of the night.

Similarly, this new single has also blown away any people who thought they only had one good track. Step A Little Closer delivers everything you could ask for as a follow up. 5 seconds in and you've already got the song's infectious riff stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Karl Richardson's laid back , sometimes seemingly improvised solo's and dance-worthy riffs are what brings the band to life both on stage and in the recording. Switching between punchy lyrical sections and instrumental, audible mosh-pits the track manages to generate an incredible amount of energy for a recording.

If you thought that this new release was missing one of the quartets trademark build-ups , then look no further. First dropping down to a finger-licking , swagger-full blues interlude and then fading out , ready for what has to be the band's favourite party trick. Kicking in again with the riff and building up to an full-powered , intense finale. Take a listen to the track and make your own mind up but we're pretty sure these guys are going to keep getting better and better! Be sure to catch them live! And check out their Facebook here.

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