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Blossoms , Cabbage & Rory Wynne LIVE @ Liverpool Olympia

After exploding onto the scene last year , Stockport quintet Blossoms have been everywhere over the past 12 months , forcing their way into the view of the whole nation. If you haven't heard of these lads by now then firstly, you must have been hiding under a rock last year but on the plus side, your in for a treat! We finally got down to one of their mesmerizing live performances to experience the show.

Picture by Keith Ainsworth for Get into this


Blossoms manage to do something that troubles musicians every day , creating a sound that opens them up to a wide audience while still maintaining their own distinguishable musical features. Acting as the front runners in a new brand of synth-pop , they have blurred the lines between indie and full on pop. It's not every gig than can boast bands holding songs such as For Evelyn alongside Cabbage thrusting pure punk rock at the audience with Uber Capitalist Death Trade. This blend of genres simply pays tribute to how inclusive Blossoms are, and perhaps this is one of the main reasons for their success.

Opening their set with At Most A Kiss , it was immediately visible that it was not going to be a night of simply playing the album through. Each song was amplified to another level of extravagance that fits their music perfectly ( making the Olympia feel like old, eccentric country house taken over by youth ) . You may think that the light pop hooks are not mosh-worthy? Well a Sold-out Liverpool Olympia disagreed, the five members connected with the crowd and along with the incredible light show, brought every note to life transforming what could have been a lackluster night into a night packed full of energy!

Tom Ogden continued to showcase the band's versatility with a beautiful acoustic rendition of John Lennon's Imagine and Oasis' Half the World Away accompanied by Josh's ( lead guitarist ) dad , on keyboard. Adding the final touch to an amazing night of music with his last serenade.


As one of our favourite upcoming bands at the moment, Cabbage offer quite the opposite to Blossoms' melodic anthems. Music fit for a sweaty , dim-lit Northern club , packed full of aggression and youthful unrest, it's modern day punk at it's finest! The Manchester group were one of the first names on our 'Ones To Watch' list for 2017 and we finally got to see them live.

It certainly wasn't a set allowing for anyone to sit calmly at the bar while they played. Their music drags you into the angst-fueled mosh-pits , Uber Capitalist Death Trade and Indispensable Pencil most notably sparked a down-scaled inter-venue revolution. They gave the audience everything you could possibly want ... infectious riffs , sweat-dripping instrumentals and even lead singer Lee Broadbent fighting off his broken pelvis to join in the madness and create a set of full throttle punk rock. Probably the stand out act of the night!

Rory Wynne

Again, a slightly different musical style , both Rory's music and self assured attitude carry a certain marmite quality. We happen to fallen on the more positive side where his music is concerned (also featuring him in our 'ones to watch' list for 2017) . Lyrically, it may not be the same sort of metaphorically poignant, interwoven poetry as the likes of Alex Turner or Morrissey but his on-stage swagger does contain glimpses of their character's and his stories of childhood pleasures just seem to create a mutual satisfaction amongst any youthful audience.

However, he seems slightly lost when it comes to some of his songs, attempting to blend his simplistic, relateable lyrics with stripped back musical accompaniment that sometimes requires a bit more than the words "You said 'oh here comes a man' , next thing i know he hit me with a pan". Regardless of this, the Stockport teenager is still extremely young and has all the neccasary elements to become a hit. Post Part Confusion showcases him at his best and set a high standard for the night ahead.

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