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Mosley Bar

Not strictly a Merseyside group, but the North-westerly four-piece have caught our eye too much for us not to give them a mention. You can't really describe them any other way than simply , straight forward, infectious indie-pop. Their debut single Record Sleeve got off to a slow start as you might expect, but the band are finding their feet and managing to build up more of a following. They may not offer anything stunningly unique, but they have captured the genre and pumped out the very essence of why the indie aesthetic is giving pop a run for its money once again.

Risk presents their best example of what their sound brings. If only they had more exposure this single would be up their along side the likes of The Sherlocks and High Tyde. Mosley Bar remain one of the many uk bands who slip under the radar, but if they get theyre break and manage to continue producing music in the same vain as Risk and their new single Two Apart then they could be set for a big year. You catch them play at our first BOOT LIVE night on Saturday the 11th of March by clicking here.


Joe Symes And The Loving Kind

Joe Symes & The Loving Kind are proof that Liverpool didn’t burn itself out on The Beatles and 90s Britpop, but still has plenty of punch to offer the airwaves. These sprightly scouse rockers, led by vocalist, guitarist, and occasional harmonica-dabbler Joe Symes, team all the radio-friendly trappings of Britpop’s 2000's evolution with a soft spot for old-time rock and glorious Northern gusto.

Their first releases were built around bluesy, oft-acoustic guitar work, best seen on the street-corner busker-waltz Happy When It Hurts or the stumbling gritty-skiffle of Where Do I Belong, which could net comparisons to Alex Turner’s sepia-tone Suck It And See era. They’ve added more electric influences recently for tracks like I’m Gonna Find Out Someday and Fallen Down, earning more than a few comparisons to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. So much so, in fact, that the group were recently invited to play Gallagher’s after-show party.

The band are touring extensively right now, drumming up new legions of followers with their infectious energy and increasingly furious live shows. Joe Symes & The Loving Kind are the kind of act you might find playing at a bar on your route home, or at a festival stage as you wander to the drinks tent. The kind that’ll snare you in, and leave you moving on an hour later with their songs stuck in your brain and a childish grin on your face.


Written by MATT LOVETT


Hints of The Stone Roses instrumental sections and one of the most satisfying build ups your likely to hear, all packed into one outstanding single, Dynamite. Runcorn based FACTORY, just like Mosley Bar are incredibly under-rated considering their potential. In such an over-crowded music scene it is pretty near impossible to differentiate between the countless young bands branded under the label of 'Indie'. However, FACTORY actually do have something different to offer,overlaying semi-improvised sounding guitar over infectious funk grooves . This combination creates more of an atmosphere than simply a 3-minute single and seems built for a live experience. Luckily, you can also catch these guys at our BOOT LIVE night alongside Mosley Bar by clicking here.


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