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We all know hard it is to make an impression on the Liverpool music scene with the huge amount of talent it holds. Expressive indie-pop artist 'New Atlas' had been floating around the edge of the spotlight for a while now, appearing at numerous gigs and building up a small devoted following due to their heartfelt lyrics and passion filled live performances. But, after the October release of new single 'Naked' , they have taken that extra step forward, now seeming like a real contender for Liverpool's best indie act and certainly are ones to watch in 2017. The new single of course features sing-along, dance-worthy choruses and 'Owan O'Hagan's' ( The man behind the New Atlas project ) trademark lyrics, that carry more meaning than the average track. However, he also seems to have added an extra layer of depth to the 'New Atlas' sound, striking chords with the audience both in lyrical and musical connections, With one of the most uplifting and memorable songs released out of Liverpool this year, 'New Atlas' definitely seems on the way up.




To those who say mixing indie-rock with rap can never work, I give you 'The Boston Shakers'. Bringing musical influences from as far as France and the USA, the upcoming six-piece have finally settled in one place, and what better place for an experimental blend of music than Liverpool. The band create one of the most unique mash-ups of different genres around in the current day, mixing their heartfelt core of old fashioned rock&roll with elements of indie, blues, fuck , hip-hop and even a bit of rap. It's hard to find such a collection of sounds, especially the indie/rap connection that is rarely attempted but sounds so brilliant when done well. Singing mostly of their lives as bartenders, the band manage to bring their lyrical biographies to life, with a raw and angst-driven sound that leaves your ears still ringing hours after the song has finished. Their unrivaled ability to intertwine the blues rock rhythms , with such a distinctive LA rap vibe has brought them to the forefront of Liverpool's music scene and BOOT MUSIC's favourite Liverpool artist of the past few years. Catch them at their next gig on the 17th of December supporting 'Space' at 'Liverpool Arts Club'.




Bringing the brilliant rounded sound of a good horn hook back to the North-west are 'Red Rum Club' , the local six-piece, fusing almost western sounding guitar riffs with uplifting brass melodies to produce a vibrant take on indie-rock. Their first single 'Everybody's Friend' , released earlier this year brought out a new side to Liverpool music. The most common route for any local band to take seems to be to emulate the 90's sounds of 'Oasis' or 'The Strokes' , so it is always refreshing to hear something slightly different. 'Red Rum Club', just like 'The Boston Shakers' , manage to create this perfectly, producing a beautifully written chorus in the form of 'Alone Together' followed by a middle-eight perfectly suited for live performances that , if you are feeling down does just as the song says and "pulls you up" out of your depression and into an explosion of up-beat sing along music.



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