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Rory Wynne - Interview

With the somewhat out-dated tag of 'indie' constantly being stretched and experimented with, Stockport-born Rory Wynne takes it to the very edge. The tastes of the indie population are also ever-changing , the demand for full throttled teenage angst has returned and Wynne does not disappoint. Somehow blending pure passion, with a hazy tone of slight depression in songs such as 'I Know She Knows' he has created a unique sound acting as the quintessence of a generation. Knowing that he holds influences as wide as the BOOT MUSIC favourite 'Jack White' alongside 'The Beatles' and 'The National' eases the understanding of his strangely messy yet poetic sound. Wynne probably falls into the love him or hate him category, but either way, as he embarks on a UK 2017 tour alongside fellow Stockport group 'Blossoms' it seems like his career is certainly on the way up.


It is un-debatable that the young artist has managed to create his own take on fuzzy, lust-driven indie rock. Ranging from the dulcet groans of 'Why Don't You' to the sweat-dripping swagger of 'Post Part Confusion' he manages to capture the teenage music lover's state of mind in 2016, but how does he go about producing this unique mix? Wynne explained, it is "usually a person or experience that I write about and that’s a lot easier now I’ve lived a little – the earlier songs were all fictional. But still now I do enjoy writing from the imagination, it really depends, like each song is different but I’d say most of the time they’re about a person." , drawing from his experiences and creating a from of relateable social commentary on young living in the current world. It may be this relateability that draws so many teenage fans in to Wynne's music.

Another attractive element of his personality is his infectious love for music , having the opinion that "if you start of just wanting to be successful then you’re in it for the wrong reasons" . However as he himself admits "If you’re just in it for a love of music then you might not have the same drive as others that you’re competing with." and it is this balance of passion and self-motivation that has got him to where he is today.


Braking into the public eye as an indie solo-artist and gaining support from such big names as 'Blossoms' is nothing short of incredible for someone so young. The seven-teen year old has of course got the certain level of arrogance required to make it in any competitive climate. Stating that he felt he "Definitely [has the ability to grow even further in his career and achieve even more than in his first few years]" ,adding that in the next five years he simply wants to become "bigger and bigger". With over 6,000 views on his 'Post Part Confusion' Youtube video it is obvious that he is well on his way!

Although Wynne presents the necessary self-confidence, he still remains humble at such an early stage of his life, admitting "I don't think there has been a moment yet ( where the success has hit home) it’s a gradual progression and although I’ve developed since my first release in 2013 I don’t feel that I’m a fully developed artist yet, there’s still a lot more potential to be unlocked. But obviously supporting Blossoms is a huge honour and I am thoroughly looking forward to it, because they themselves have come so far since last time I did, it’s been great to watch."

And of course the most important question..... Rory's desert island sandwich!

Q- You are stranded on a desert island, with one sandwich and one sandwich only for the rest of your life on the island... whats it gonna be?

A - It's gonna have to be tuna & sweetcorn on a freshly baked baguette

Rory Wynne has become one of our favourite upcoming artists here at BOOT MUSIC , and as an artist aiming for "longevity" it is set to be a hectic 2017 for him. We will leave you with his ultimate tease.. "I have a couple of songs that are unreleased songs that I really love and can’t wait for them to be unleashed". Check out his Facebook page for constant updates! ----- RORY WYNNE FACEBOOK

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