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Hunter & The Bear - 'Oh Daisy' Single

After releasing their second single in two months, an increasing level of excitement seems to be building around the promise of the debut album from 'Hunter & The Bear' set for release in May 2017. The second of these releases from the London group brings a more indie element to the four piece. Having made their name as a band reminiscent of good old fashioned folk rock, 'Oh Daisy' showcases the versatility of the band, capturing a more upbeat and catchy side to their powerful folk rock core.

The new track is instantly recognizable as a 'Hunter & The Bear' song , kicking in with their trademark driving drum patterns accompanied by the uniquely folk-toned lyrical delivery of Lead singer 'Will Irvine' which really gives all their tracks the distinct folk feel.The London based four piece also seem to have a knack for writing tracks that carry a little more meaning than the average rock song, with previous singles such as 'Burn It Up' containing an extra element of depth which is also prominent in the new single as backing vocals and the atmospheric folk tone on guitar create a deeper feel.

Although the band do have many elements reminiscent of 80's rock groups, they have managed to produce a modern re-birth of this sound. The drumming, along with a more disjointed mash up of backing vocals and guitar towards the tracks end give the song the added edge separating them from the rest of the folk rock scene.

Check the single out on Spotify and head to their Facebook Page for gig news and updates on the new album!

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