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Hunter & The Bear - 'Renegade' Single

Fusing folk melodies and rock riffs, Hunter & The Bear are making a name as one of the most promising UK bands in both the growing folk-rock and indie scenes. Releasing their first single 'Forest On The Hill' in 2013 the London four-piece have been slowly developing the rockier side of their music, adding fantastic solo's into their 2015 release 'Burn It Up'.

Following this trend of rock progression their upcoming single 'Renegade' features a much rockier riff, building an increasingly dark tone similar to the likes of the new look 'Mumford & Sons'. The vocals taking on a hypnotic, haunting quality , accompanied by ongoing heavy drums creates an atmospheric record, full of old fashioned raw vocals alongside the modern side of folk-rock.

This new single highlights the bands versatility, offering catchy indie folk, as well as darker more atmospheric folk rock that seems designed to be played live. This diversity offers listeners a blend of various musical genres rolled into one. Their range and live performances are what has grabbed the nation's attention and enabled them to break through as a band with a great deal of potential.

Head over to their website for gig info and to purchase lots of high quality merchandise.

Be ready for this new single 'Renegade' out on August 5th!

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