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LIM Festival - The Wombats, Clean Cut Kid & Dave McCabe and the ramafactions

The Wombats

A free festival being headlined by such a big name is pretty much unheard of, and could have easily led to a lazy, uninspired performance. Perhaps small time Liverpool gigs would no longer appeal to the award winning three piece, as 'Headspace' on the latest album 'Glitterbug' goes, "Liverpool feels like a clouded memory, now the California air has wrapped their claws around me", However it would take a lot for The Wombats to be uninspired at their Liverpool homecoming, and they didn't disappoint.

Opening with 'Give Me A Try', every song was a hit with the devoted crowd right until their extravagant ending. Most notably ‘Greek Tragedy’ , the bands “most listened to song”, performed with even more power and emotion than on the album. Continuously attempting to please the crowd, the Scouse outfit made the most of their limited time on Main Stage, rarely falling silent and more often than not merging song into song, even finishing with a minute-long jam to let the Sefton audience (who seemed even more pumped up than the band themselves) get all of their moshing out of their system before the festival end.

Clean Cut Kid

Probably the stand out performance of the LIMF Sunday event, Clean Cut Kid provided a refreshingly energetic half hour of live music. The Liverpool based indie group turned out to be crowd favourites and played each song brilliantly, embracing the home support who gradually grew in enthusiasm, and by the end all seemed like die-hard fans. Out of all acts at LIMF no one appeared to be enjoying their set more than Clean Cut Kid with every member of the band smiling throughout, this persistent love for what they were doing radiated out to the audience who soon forgot about the Merseyside weather.

As well as enthusiasm the band also haver natural talent inn abundance, producing an incredible improvised solo on their upcoming album track ‘Brother Of Mine’. An all-round brilliant set, sure to entice any who saw them to attend their upcoming UK gigs!

Dave McCabe & The Ramifications

Best known as the frontman of the Zutons, Dave McCabe started a solo career back in 2015 supported by his ‘Ramifications’. Taking on a heavier, more electronic feel, reflected in their set. The whole performance was played in the same dark vibe, unconventionally using screwdrivers to create more feedback, as well as the incessant energy of both McCabe and his guitarist created one of the most atmospheric half hours of the festival. A sizable audience turned out for the local hero who were rewarded with an incredible live set and even a stripped back version of Zutons hit ‘You Will You Wont’ that unsurprisingly went down very well. Overall a very good Liverpool return for McCabe and a special mention to his guitarist who was the highlight of the set

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